James Frederick wears a hat and sings some songs. His debut album, Stepping Outside, was released in 2014 and is the epitome of indie folk rock and the contemporary singer/songwriter. Inspired by thoughtful and emotional contemporary songwriters, Connor Oberst, the Decemberists, and Ryan Adams, James tells his tales with poetic sincerity. James's style has been compared to the Eagles, the Band, Johhny Cash, and Bob Dylan. James Frederick, with his band, the Foxmen have shared the stage with the likes of the North and South Dakotas, the High Peaks Band, and Party Boat and have been featured on 97.7's Live at EXT, Crumbs Cafe, and Capital Underground. Having played at numerous cafes, bars, festivals, and random street corners, James Frederick has developed into an engaging performer that grabs your attention and holds it for ransom while taking you on an journey through a myriad of emotions.

"For the First Time" was featured on 97.7's top Local 518 songs of 2014!